Released picture upscaling service "picmo"!

Video and picture upscaling service "picmo" app released!

Video and picture upscaling service "picmo" app has been released!
This is a service (AI upscaling) that converts images and photos to high image quality just by sending them to "picmo"!
With AI complementary technology, "picmo" predicts rules from the data in front of you and transforms them into beautiful images.

"picmo" upscaling uses AI complementary technology to convert images into beautiful and smooth images that are different from conventional upscaling.
It can be used for a variety of purposes, from family memories to company documentary photos.

You can easily improve the quality of photos and videos, and there is no limit on the number of times!
Please download the app and try it 🤩

📢 New features added with app release!
✨History is now visible!
Even if you close the app, you can see past high-quality photos and videos!
✨ Added a footer menu to make it easier to use!
✨ Photos and illustrations can be newly selected from "Image type", and upscaling according to the type and characteristics of the image is possible!

Download here 👇

It is also possible to improve the image quality of videos longer than 5 minutes!
There are three plans, and you can choose the plan that best suits your video data.
People all over the world can use it online, from application to product delivery.

Bring your home videos, plays, live music, comedy, anime, etc. to life with picmo's upscaling.

Sign up here.

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